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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Over the course of my entertainment career, I have found that the BEST WAY to reach my online family is via EMAIL!

Why? Because it is a direct link to YOU.

Social media is great and all, but do you ever notice how you don't see all of the content posted by people you follow? I have seen many comments from fans (that use to engage weekly) say:

"Where have you been?..."

"I've missed seeing your content..."

"It's been a long time..."

But I've been right here the whole time, posting at least twice a week - every week since the start of 2020!

(sidenote: who misses snail mail? Hand written letters/cards in the mail just can't be beat!)

I'm going to put it bluntly, in order for me to interact with my existing fan base (YOU!), facebook wants me to pay a fee to allow more followers to view my content. It is a business after all, and the bigger our online family, the more they want me to pay.

How Can YOU Help?

👍 "React" - EVERY "like" helps with the algorithm to increase the chance of more people seeing my post - and insuring that YOU get to see ALL of my posts.

💬 "Comment" - don't be shy! I enjoy your feedback and stories of how my music relates to you, brings back memories, makes you happy (and anything else you wanna tell me!) But if you are lost for words, even a 😃 in the comments will help greatly!

⤴️ "Share" - like what you hear? Perhaps your friends will enjoy it too - go ahead and SHARE the love!

The more these 3 actions are used, the more facebook will recognize my content as "trending" = YOU and the rest of our online fam gets to see what I post! (woot!! 🎉)

So, what prompted me to do this post - was seeing a fan's comment that they had been in "FB jail" and couldn't engage in my content for a month. With censorship changing on these social platforms daily, it can be hard to keep up with what is considered appropriate to post. I myself have been flagged in the past... shocking, I know!! (I think we are spreading too much positivity)

So let's be honest, facebook is probably how you found my music and for that, I am forever grateful - but what if that line of communication is taken from us?

Easiest solution = subscribe to my email list

I'm not one to spam your email account with multiple daily ads, because that's not me and who has time for that anyway!? It will probably just be to notify of new videos, new tour dates, new music and new merch deals.. you know, all the GOOD STUFF 😉

Thank you for spending a few moments of your day with me ❤️✨

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