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My Story


In early 2017, Bonn E Maiy was working in Canada, always drawn to making music, but wondering if her dreams would ever materialize. Just a couple years later - she’s been on stage with Johnny Depp and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, performed in stadiums with tens of thousands of people, and her music has been streamed millions of times…safe to say, she’s on the right path!

Bonn’s music marries genres and perspectives, with lyrics covering the unfiltered realities of life. Her upcoming album “Demands & Desires” has essences of Country, Americana, Rock, and even Broadway musicals. Her distinct vocal tone floats in and out of instrumentals while her other-worldly harmonies provide the listener multiple layers of ear candy at each turn.

A true creative at heart, Bonn’s person is as interesting as her music:  from playing rugby and wrestling in high school, to completing a degree in Wood-Working, to working as a barista and as a bartender, to driving semi-trucks with her granddad and earning a pilot’s license, her life is a lesson in living.

Just like the path of her ancestor Myles Standish, who sailed the Mayflower and led the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony, Bonn E Maiy’s music journeyed from Europe to the U.S., and is set to redefine boundaries!





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