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All of my Renditions are FINALLY available for sale!

As you all know, for the last 9 months I've been uploading renditions of my (and your) favorite tunes - including many that parallel the ups & downs we've all faced in 2020.

When I first started with "Can't Find My Way Home", I never anticipated the response that would follow. You have all opened your hearts to me; reminiscing on good times and bad. The comment section became a place to heal and to feel - and music has been our community's medicine! I have come across countless comments wishing they could download my collection of tributes... so naturally, I had to make them available!

Introducing the "Renditions" collection! With 28 songs on the list, you can now pick and choose all your favorite cuts for just $1 per download (or one loonie for my Canuck crew 😜 )

"But Bonn... what if ALL the renditions are my fav?"

I got you covered darlin! Just select the link that downloads the entire ZIP file and 💥BOOM💥 all the songs on the list will be added to your cart at once!

As new renditions are added to my social media platform, they will also be added to the Renditions page.


* To date, there are 28 renditions available. I will post new blog entries every time a new single is added to the collection so you never miss a download opportunity!

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